Monday, August 30, 2010

Celebratory Trifle

Rach - Welcome home! I am posting something delicious in order to celebrate your return and our newest nephew. Welcome to the newest little Reems (or not so little weighing in, 2 weeks before his due date, at over 9 pounds!) - Parker Brent Reems!

Mike and I have noticed a trifle trend in Chilliwack- trifles of various kinds seem to be the dessert of choice in this town. So who am I to stand in the way of local dessert preferences? If I'm trying to please my fellow Chilliwack-ians I guess I'll have to throw some deliciousness into a bowl, let it get nice and mushy together, and call it dessert.

Chocolate cake? Layered with chocolate pudding, whipping cream and raspberry sauce? Chocolate shavings? Well.. I guess.. if that's what everyone wants..


  1. I love trifle!!!! (As you know!) Maybe moving to Chilliwack has brought out this love of mine that I did not know even existed before I moved to the Fraser Valley. So easy and so tasty, what more could you want!

  2. I was channeling you Kylie - I almost called you for your ingredient list but then I remembered you were on holidays:)